Contractors Info


We are a family company, which prides its self in the quality of work we produce for our clients. That’s why we try to work towards always finding a solution to any problem.  Please feel free to speak to us regarding any issues and we will work with you to resolve them.

Site Rules

1. No unauthorised personal allowed on site

2. All workers must carry a white/yellow card

3. Foot protection and high vis worn at all times

4. All accidents or incidents must be reported

5. No smoking on site

6. You are required on site for the hours your supervisor stipulates

7. All overtime must be approved by a supervisor first

8. J&T shirts must be regularly washed and always worn on site

9. No soliciting work from clients within 6 months of your contract

10. Zero tolerances to drugs and alcohol





At J&T we use an app called Fergus to track all project activities including your time.  So instead of asking you to fill out a timesheet you can just download the app and record your time spent on each job.


Download it for free here:

apple  android


Your supervisor will let you know which job numbers you will be working on when required.

Please note this to record your hours for the time you are asked to work, it’s not so you can invoice every minute you are over. We will not be docking you for every minute you are under. If your supervisor states you at working from 6am to 4:30pm, then these are the only hours you will record. Any overtime must be approved by your supervisor (see site rules).



Log in - Your email address

Password – your mobile number


Once your logged in, click to the lower right on events to see the available job numbers 

(As show below)

IMG 9063 copy


 You can then start a timer or just add the time at the end


 IMG 9064111.PNG


Once your time is complete you can add your unpaid break time.  

Fergus will ask you to add a comment, please add what you worked on that day.


IMG 9065 2.PNG


You must add your uncharged break into fergus, using the the "UNCHARGED TIME REASON" drop down. 

If you did not take a break,  YOU MUST SAY SO IN YOUR COMMENTS.  

Otherwise it will be assumed you forgot and it will be removed from your hours.